About Us


An Introduction to Impact Interiors Group

Impact Interiors Group (IIG) is a commercial interior design firm that specializes in custom senior living and boutique hospitality projects. Established by Charles Shuster and Curt Schaap in 2011, IIG provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific needs of the client and their residents, including budgeting, interior design and furnishings, procurement, logistics services, and installation.


Prior to launching IIG, Charles and Curt worked together for more than three decades on a vast array of senior living and hospitality projects across the country. Whether they’re working with a developer to determine market feasibility for a new concept, collaborating with project teams to optimize operations, or sourcing innovative, cost-effective furnishings with other products, Charles, Curt, and the IIG team are committed to creating beautiful durable living environments that provide safety, dignity, and a feeling of belonging.

Meet the Team




With more than forty years experience in senior living, Curt is a zealot about client service. Whether he’s working on plans for a new project in New Mexico, designing a bed prototype for a facility in Minnesota, or overseeing delivery of three hundred dining room chairs at a community in Ohio, Curt is always fully present, sharing his knowledge, experience, and insights to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible.

“We are passionate about caring for seniors. We have tremendous respect for this generation and all that they have lived through, and we take great pride in helping make their world a little better.”

–Curt Schaap



Director of Purchasing

As the IIG in-house code expert, Lynne collaborates with clients and our design and project management teams to ensure that every product, from furnishings to fabric, is in complete compliance with the latest commercial building requirements. She especially enjoys the complex creative and problem-solving processes required to complete projects on time and budget. When Lynne’s not working, she loves hosting family get-togethers, and knitting, sewing, collage, and chalk painting furniture.

“I love helping create safe, nurturing, comfortable, and warm home environments for people who can no longer live in their own homes.”

–Lynne A. Grant



Gerontology Specialist

Whether by nature or nurture, Bridget is living proof that empathy runs deep in the Schaap family. As the daughter of IIG co-founder Curt Schaap, Bridget literally grew up in the senior living industry, an experience that inspired her to specialize in gerontology. As our in-house expert, she collaborates with clients and the architecture and design teams to create the optimum balance of beauty, value, and functionality to meet the needs of residents and staff. When Bridget’s not working, she loves hiking and running with her husband Evan and their dog Flynn.

“I truly believe that everyone deserves to live out their life with dignity, respect, and comfort. I find it very rewarding to help our clients deliver that experience to their residents.”

–Bridget Schaap Bittner



Director of Joy and Happiness

Bandit is a rare bird, both literally and figuratively. An exceptionally well-bred and well-dressed Sealyham terrier, Bandit wears his lineage (and his bow ties) proudly. As the director of joy and happiness at IIG, Bandit is responsible for greeting guests at the IIG offices, snoozing in the sun, and other mission-critical tasks. When he’s not working, Bandit gives generously of his time to senior living communities, where he enjoys making the rounds, shaking paws with the residents, and shamelessly collecting treats for his efforts.